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Spiritual Artistry is:


Open and inclusive of all people 

Your individual creative expression

Acts of spiritual imagination that inspire and communicate

Love, compassion, and gratitude for all creation 

Now and ever-evolving


Tarot Talks

tarot talks With Victoria Williams Uncover the mystical meanings of the Motherpeace Tarot. Discover and explore the timeless wisdom of the Motherpeace Tarot deck as

Planet Plays

With Laurence Hillman, PhD Astrology for the savvy Planet Plays is a new series that helps those who are interested in a deeper connection to

View From The Heigh

VIEW FROM THE HEIGHTS Elevations Positive messages to inspire you. Got a minute? Take a moment and listen to an inspiring message that can offer

Goddess Series

GODDESSES! with Jean Houston, PhD Access your untapped potential! Your soul is calling you forth to a deeper, richer, more authentic version of yourself; a

Sanctuary of Spiritual Arts

OPEN HEART CONVERSATIONS All are Welcome. Welcome to the world’s first online Sanctuary of Spiritual Artistry dedicated to all who seek a connection with spirit.

Open Heart Conversations Upsa

OPEN HEART CONVERSATIONS Open Heart Conversations is a place to explore the world’s enduring faith and wisdom traditions. Together we’ll explore and celebrate our rich

Weekly Services

The Power of Spiritual Artistry

We believe every person is a Spiritual Artist. Please join us for our new concept in spiritual services each Wednesday.

Sanctuary of Spiritual Artistry

This online Sanctuary is dedicated to all who seek a connection with spirit. It is a live broadcast from the United Palace of Spiritual Arts in New York City.

Open Heart


Explore the world’s religions and wisdom traditions, ranging from Christianity to Hinduism and Zoroastrianism to Shamanism.

Tarot Talks

With Victoria Williams

Become versed in the cards of the Motherpeace Tarot deck. Uncover their mystical meanings.


With Jean Houston

Athena! Isis! Quan Yin! Saraswathi! Brigit! Yemoja! Meet a goddess waiting to energize and inspire you in every aspect of your life’s journey.

View From the Heights


Got a minute? Take a moment and listen to an inspiring message that can offer you an idea or reflection that could change your day, or perhaps your life.


With Laurence Hillman, PhD

Go beyond sun-sign cliches and learn about how you and the Universe are one! PlanetPlays is a series that illuminates the savvy insights that astrology can offer.


Fusing spirituality, the arts, culture, and entertainment.


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