Light in darkness

An Astrologer Reads the Journey Into 2021

Explore our unique collective journey into a new year and age as a civilization, through the lens of Astrology. Unpack the celestial patterns of our past and future with Archetypal Astrologer and Executive Coach Dr. Laurence Hillman.

Archetypal Astrologer and Executive Coach

Laurence Hillman, PhD

Dr. Hillman is an internationally acknowledged expert in archetypes and archetypal astrology. Author of three books on the subject he has lectured globally and consulted with leaders and organizations for forty years.

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Light in Darkness: An Astrologer Reads the Journey Into 2021

Watch the full Open Heart Conversations episode here or peruse the highlights below for bursts of insights.

What is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?

What is the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn?

What is Pluto Return and What Does it Mean for America?

What Does “As Above, So Below” Mean?

Are You In the Flow of the Universe?

How Can You Re-Kindle Your Spark?

What is the Fire Within You?

What is the Light? What is the Darkness?

What is the Rise of the Feminine?