Open Heart Conversations
is a place to explore the
world’s enduring faith and
wisdom traditions.

Together we’ll explore and celebrate our rich and beautiful diversity through Christianity, Judaism, Islam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American, African spirituality, and more. Moderated by Revs. Heather Shea, and Dr. José M. Román, Open Heart Conversations welcomes everyone. 

Bishop Heather Shea
And Rev. Dr. José M. Román

Open Heart Conversation: Dreams and the Spiritual Life

Explore the relationship of dreams to the spiritual quest with Dr. Tayria Ward, Dream Analyst and Depth Psychologist.
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Explore the millennia-old tradition of meditation with world-renowned teacher and NY Times bestselling author Sharon Salzberg on today’s Open Heart Conversations.


Explore Lutheranism on this month’s episode of Open Heart Conversations with Pastor John Flack of Our Savior’s Atonement in Washington Heights.

Light in Darkness: An Astrologer Reads the Journey Into 2021

Explore our unique collective journey into a new year and age as a civilization, through the lens of Astrology. Unpack the celestial patterns of our past and future with Archetypal Astrologer and Executive Coach Dr. Laurence Hillman.

Spiritual Artistry

Explore the limitless power of the human creative imagination and its transformative potential with world renowned scholar, author and researcher of human capacities, Dr. Jean Houston.