Open Heart Conversations
is a place to explore the
world’s enduring faith and
wisdom traditions.

Together we’ll explore and celebrate our rich and beautiful diversity through Christianity, Judaism, Islam, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American, African spirituality, and more. Moderated by Revs. Heather Shea, and Dr. José M. Román, Open Heart Conversations welcomes everyone. 

Bishop Heather Shea
And Rev. Dr. José M. Román

The Baháʼí Faith

The Baháʼí Faith teaches the essential value and truth of all religions and wisdom traditions, and the unity and equality of all people. Explore the Baháʼí Faith with author Jay Tyson.

Unity Church

Explore the rich insights and wisdom of the Unity Church tradition with Unity’s own Director of Multimedia Services, Rev. Jacquie Fernández.

Tibetan Buddhism

Explore the teachings of The Buddha with one of America’s foremost scholars of Buddhism, and the founder of Tibet House, Dr. Robert Thurman.


Explore Spiritualism with Certified Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Consultant and Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Rev. Stephen Robinson.