Planet Plays

With Laurence Hillman, PhD

for the savvy

PlanetPlays is a new series that helps those who are interested in a deeper connection to the universe and it’s planets. These illuminating vignettes cover a rich variety of topics, you will receive savvy insights into what astrology can offer. Go beyond sun-sign cliches and learn about how you and the Universe are one!

Archetypal Astrologer and Executive Coach

Laurence Hillman, PhD

Dr. Hillman is an internationally acknowledged expert in archetypes and archetypal astrology. Author of three books on the subject he has lectured globally and consulted with leaders and organizations for forty years.

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Episode 1: What is Astrology?

In this debut episode of PlanetPlays, learn about the differences between Astrology and Astronomy and the ways in which the heavens can inform patterns in your life.

Episode 2: Sun Signs

What’s your sign? On today’s PlanetPlays, learn about the origin and value of learning about your sun sign and why there is so much more to astrology for the savvy.

Episode 3: Horoscopes

In today’s PlanetPlays, go beyond astrological entertainment in magazines and learn about the rich and meaningful information in your full birth horoscope.

Newest Episode

Episode 7: The Ascendant

Navigate the desires of your Sun Sign through your Ascendant on today’s episode of PlanetPlays with Laurence Hillman.