With ChokBar

Delve into the mystical world of Tuvan Shamanism

Learn how you can see the divinity in all creation, to understand why shamanism is so important today, and how you can explore consciousness at every level.  ChokBar explains all the extraordinary power of shamanism and shamanic practices.

Hereditary Native Tuvan White Shamaness


ChokBar (Larisa Oorzhak Koronowski) is an Hereditary Native Tuvan White Shamaness.  She is a healer, psychic, medium, occultist, parapsychologist, and master in human consciousness and self-transformation.  She has developed a unique and passionate approach to spiritual growth. Her work embodies ancient wisdom combined with a deep personal, and working knowledge of shamanism, spiritual development, and the art and science of healing. She inspires profound transformations in her individual shamanic healing sessions, rituals, and ceremonies.  She has been leading consciousness transforming events over the last 13 years.

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Episode 1: What is Shamanism?

Get in touch with different realities and discover the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, in this debut episode of Shamanic Lab with ChokBar.

Episode 2: What is a Shaman?

Explore the Shaman’s quest to find balance between life and death in today’s episode of Shamanic Lab with ChokBar.

Episode 3: What is a Shamanic Circle?

In today’s Shamanic Lab, ChokBar illuminates the differences between mind and body and offers the Shamanic Circle as an opportunity to bring them together.

Newest Episode

Episode 7: The Most Misunderstood Aspects of Shamanism

Reevaluate common misconceptions about Shamanism on today’s Shamanic Lab with ChokBar.