tarot talks

With Victoria Williams

Uncover the mystical
meanings of the
Motherpeace Tarot.

Discover and explore the timeless wisdom of the Motherpeace Tarot deck as interpreted by Victoria Williams. This unique deck is based on the traditional tarot system with ancient images from Goddess-centered cultures throughout the world. Learn everything about this extraordinary deck from the origins of the Tarot, the meaning of each card, and even how the cards can be.

Tarot Reader, Spiritual Counselor, and Psychotherapist

Victoria Williams

A dedicated therapist, Victoria Williams calls on both her profound intuitive gifts and her knowledge of spiritual healing traditions. Having received her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology from Goddard College, Vermont., she integrates concepts from Jungian and Archetypal psychology with decades of study of mythology and healing. For almost two decades she has read the Motherpeace Tarot deck for guests at the Kripalu Center. For more information contact: Victoria .williams.ma@gmail.com

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Episode 1: What is Tarot?

In this debut episode Victoria will introduce you to the deck, share a brief history of tarot, and prepare you to uncover mystical meanings of Motherpeace.

Episode 2: Major Arcana

Feel the flow of the Universe at work as Victoria unpacks the meanings of the Major Arcana of Motherpeace, in today’s Tarot Talks.

Episode 3: Minor Arcana

Honor your growth and self-influence as meanings of the Minor Arcana of Motherpeace unfold to you.

Newest Episode

Episode 7: The Empress

Rather than being tough on yourself for not measuring up, know that your positive influence has facilitated favorable outcomes. Today’s card from Motherpeace is The Empress.